Welcome to the Select Hosting Service

Our plans are based on CentOS VPS Servers with SQL and PHP tuned for demanding CMS: Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Presta Shop, HTML5 websites. This way you benefit from a fast Secure VPS Server and, same time, enjoy a competitive price, comparable to shared hosting.

All our Web Hosting plans, including Reseller plans and their clients, have access to more than 60 powerful "one click" scripts that will install popular CMS, forums, blogs, image galleries etc.

We allow a fully featured Reseller Plan that suits small and medium web shops, web design companies. They may offer shared plans to their clientele and manage own part of a VPS Server, using popular cPanel interface (for Apache Servers). For Nginx Server (cPanel does not work with Nginx) - we are using a powerful CentOS + Nginx + ISPConfig Panel combination.